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            Rayvio | Common FAQs
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            Common FAQs

            What is an LED?

            A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor material based light source. LEDs are small in size and different materials produce different light wavelengths. RayVio is a pioneer in extending LED light emission into the deep ultraviolet portion of the wavelength spectrum.

            What is ultraviolet (UV) light?

            Ultraviolet is the portion of the light spectrum from 10nm to 380nm wavelengths just shorter than the human visible range.

            What are UV LEDs used for?

            UV LEDs have many uses because they can be used singly or in arrays of multiple LEDs for larger applications.? RayVio works with partners to develop solutions for disinfection of surfaces, water and air in healthcare and consumer applications.? Various skin diseases are also treated with UV LEDs.? See the applications page of RayVio’s website for more details about applications.

            Is UV light safe?

            UV light is safe for use with the appropriate precautions.? With proper dosage, UV light is used to improve health like treating psoriasis and vitamin D deficiency.? For higher intensity UV light in the open it is common practice to wear eye and skin protection.? Most UV LED applications are enclosed and don’t result in any UV exposure.

            How long do UV LEDs last?

            UV LEDs last for years in applications and also have uniquely rugged characteristics and can withstand impacts.? They also have no limit to how many times they may be turned on and off.? Contact RayVio for more details on product characteristics.