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            Rayvio | Air Disinfection
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            Air Disinfection

            Cleaner Air for a Better Life

            A range of illnesses result from microbes that primarily transport through the air like influenza (flu), rhinovirus (common cold) and more dangerous pathogens like tuberculosis. Molds and spores can also lodge inside heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of built structures resulting in a range of ailments like building related illness (BRI). In order to reduce the incidence of disease, air disinfection systems may be installed at the HVAC level or in auxiliary business and consumer devices like air purifiers. Deep UV light enables high germicidal efficacy in air systems since ultraviolet wavelengths transmit through air easily to kill transported germs.

            RayVio’s UV LEDs offer high antimicrobial efficacy with very small and rugged sources. UV LEDs can be added to the filtration systems in the ducts of HVAC systems, the water tanks of humidifiers and in small portable consumer units for the home. UV LEDs not only disinfect the air itself, but they also help keep filter units clean by prevention of mold buildup and fouling.

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