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            Rayvio | Food & Beverage Processing
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            Food & Beverage Processing

            Safer Food with UV

            Each year, 1 in 6 Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages. According to the 2011 CDC estimates, the most common foodborne illnesses are caused by norovirus and by the bacteria Salmonella.? The long supply chains of food and beverage products include many intricate stages like sorting, packaging, transport and preparation where conventional disinfection systems are challenged due to size, fragility and hazardous materials.

            RayVio UV LEDs offer compact and safe solutions for disinfection of liquids, food surfaces and air without using hazardous chemicals.? Ubiquitous UV LED disinfection technology throughout the food and beverage supply chain offers opportunities to reduce infection rates.

            Learn more about RayVio’s UV LEDs
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