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            Rayvio | Where to Buy
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            Where to Buy

            Where to Buy

            RayVio products are available from select distributors and agents worldwide and online through Digi-Key.
            Call or contact RayVio for sales assistance:

            RayVio North America / EMEA / ROW
            RayVio US Headquarters
            Info@Rayvio.com or +1 510-575-9900

            RayVio China & Greater Asia
            YaoXin Lin (林 耀欣)
            China:?+86 13269589300
            微信: RayVio13269589300

            Online Sales


            United States1 800-344-4539 Visit Website

            United Kingdom0800 587 0991 Visit Website

            Germany0800 180 01 25 Visit Website

            China400 920 1199 Visit Website

            Japan0120-855-960 Visit Website

            Click here for other countries